lunes, 14 de mayo de 2018

Buenos Aires RNA Club

Description: The “CLUB de RNA de BUENOS AIRES”  is aimed to enhance the interaction between laboratories working in diverse topics of the molecular and cellular biology of the RNA. With several retreats per year, and  multiple presentations per session, PhD students and post-docs from the participant labs have the opportunity to present their work on a rotating basis. In addition to the seminars, enough time is dedicated to enhance networking and sharing of knowledge.

RNA biology is a fast moving field with a great diversity of subjects. The topics to be presented include RNA virus; RNA editing; post-transcriptional regulation in trypanosomes; miRNAs in plants and Drosophila; RNA transport; splicing; Processing Bodies and related organelles, to mention just a few. 

Our History: The “Buenos Aires RNA Club” started on 2002, and we have been meeting with some intervals. In addition to the local speakers, we had the opportunity to invite scientists with outstanding contributions to the field: Joan Steitz; Lynne Maquat; Stefan Kindler; Josh Dubnau; James E. Dahlberg; Craig Smibert .